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Artist Statement


As a theatre maker, my work revolves around mythology, scientific breakthroughs and historical turning points.  These are, arguably, some of the biggest stories that we have to tell and my interest is to explore them using different scales – honoring their largeness and investigating their intimacies. The theatre pieces that I create are often ensemble driven and movement based, incorporating the unity of a chorus and the delicacy of found object puppetry as often as possible.  Finding the narrative in non-narrative text is a large component of my process and I often work with performers to translate and adapt non-dramatic text (academic research, poetry, characters created for a medium other than theatre) for performance.


As a director, I am drawn to works that are theme driven with a healthy dose of spectacle and that take risks with language. My work with new plays focuses on finding the inherent physical vocabulary of the story and my work with established scripts involves finding the mythological, historical and scientific elements in the text itself.  




Annie G. Levy is a theatre maker and producing artist specializing in works concerning mythology, historical turning points, and scientific breakthroughs. She is an educator and facilitator focused on connecting the next generation of theatre practitioners to current professional trailblazers and the dynamic conversations that make up our evolving field and art form. Levy is a founding member of the World Wide Lab (WWL), an international director’s collective and theatre laboratory, with an emphasis on cross-cultural dialogue through experiments in co-directing and has developed and directed new work with theatre incubator warner | shaw, the Northwood Theatre Company, and various other theatres in her hometown of NYC. She has curated and line-produced live experiences that range from ongoing literary reading series to fundraising events to walk-through theatre pieces for multi-generational audiences.


As an educator, she creates community as a theatre teaching artist, teaching coach, professional development facilitator, and curriculum designer working with students from kindergarten through college. She has created and taught courses and workshops for all levels of theatre makers and theatre directors. Her research explores the relationship between embodied cognition and physical theatre and the integration of theatre and STEM subjects with college-aged populations to create more fluid science literacy.


Levy is the Artistic Director of Emerson Stage at Emerson College, in Boston, MA, where she oversees a 10-show season that includes commissioning new work, programming for theatre for young audiences, and producing several plays and musicals each season.


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