Six Seeds:  The Persephone Project

Two questions keep coming up:

What is the story?

Why tell the story?


 The Greek myth of Persephone, traditionally called The Rape of Persephone, tells the story of a beautiful, privileged young girl who, while innocently picking flowers in a field, is snatched by Hades, god of the Underworld.


SIX SEEDS begins where this story ends: Was Persephone coerced by her abductor or did she eat those seeds by her own free will? Is she the first recorded case of Stockholm syndrome, a brave victim, or a clever Lolita who loves being both a princess and a queen? Most importantly, how does she understand what has happened to her? Her story has been written and rewritten time and time again, but this is the first time her own perception of the story is examined.


SIX SEEDS: The Persephone Project is intimate and epic, a beautiful retelling of a classic story that continues to deeply influence our modern world.