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The Philadelphia Story

The University of Alabama

Theatre & Dance

by Philip Barry

Directed by Annie G. Levy

Movement Direction by Kelly Schoger

Fight Direction by Jacki Armit

Scenic Design by Andy Fitch

Costume Design by Chalise Ludlow

Lighting Design by Bill Teague

Sound Design by Christopher Spencer

Props Lead: Justin Mosher

Stage Manager: Azaline Gunn


Cast: Cast: Naomy Ambroise, Ian Andersen, Auren Arevalo, Chris Ciulla, Kyle Chesney, Nolan Corder, Dylan Guy Davis, David Derringer, Lily DiSilverio, Naia Erkelens, Matt Gabbard, Emily Haynes, Alex Renee Hubbard, Anne Dillon Loflin, Cindy Spitko, Kyle Van Frank, Lacey Claire Whitten,  Blake Williams, Libby Williams


Photos by Porfirio Solorzano

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