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Emerson Stage

Mary Zimmerman

The Semel Theatre

Directed by Annie G. Levy

Movement Direction by Suzie Rzecznik 

Scenic Design: Evonne Johnson

Costume Design: Tristan Raines

Lighting Design: Felix Clarke

Sound Design: Elizabeth Cahill 

Props Lead: Liv Miller

Stage Manager: Charlie Berry

Intimacy Direction: Angie Jepson

Music Direction: Max Connor

Dramaturg: Brenda Huggins

Assistant Directors: Zach Fuller and Brenda Huggins


Cast: Lucas Babcock, Hannah Bossange, Spencer Daniel, Lisa Doubek-Kraft, Chad Fruscione, Loey Jones-Perpich, Sara Kelley, Jon Luke Lassa, Clara Livingston, Greta Morgan, Mike Riso, Conall Sahler, Erin Sullivan, and Maddie Wicker

Photos by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo

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