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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The University of Alabama

Theatre & Dance

by Bertolt Brecht
Translation by Alistair Beaton

Directed by Annie G. Levy

Musical Composition by: Killian Afzalirad and Colin Kemper

Fight Direction by Jacki Armit

Scenic Design by Andy Fitch

Costume Design by Chalise Ludlow

Lighting Design by Christopher Spencer

Sound Design by Justin Mosher

Props Lead: Valentine Wren Callais

Stage Manager: Amanda Manos

Dramaturg:  Dr. Steve Burch


Cast: Ian Andersen, Joseph Arrigo, Auren Arevalo, Amber Bird, Kyle Chesney, David Derringer, Anna Fanning, Emily Haynes, Megan K. Hill, Ethan Montgomery, Katherine O’Connell, Marth Katherine Patton, Alexander Rapp, Riley Rawson, Alaric Rohl, Cindy Spitko, Zachary Stolz, Elizabeth Thiel, Sarah Grace Valleroy, Kyle Van Frank, Clarice Westover, Desiree Wilkins, Libby Williams

Photos by Porfirio Solorzano

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