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Sense and Sensibility

The University of Alabama

Theatre & Dance

by Kate Hamill

Directed by Annie G. Levy

Choreography by Drew Martin

Fight Direction by Jacki Armit

Scenic Design by Valentine Wren Callais

Costume Design by Andrew Louis Haueter

Lighting Design by Genarro Seno

Sound Design by Kate Hansen

Props Lead: Emily Maldari

Stage Manager: Shaina Pierce

Dramaturg: Dr. Deborah Weiss


Cast:  Katharina Fox, Emily Haynes, Libby Williams, Hana Park, Amber Scales, Anna Fanning, Maggie McCown, Scott Lakey, Evan Price, Christian Tripp, Ethan Montgomery, Jonathan Holle, Carter McPherson, Savannah Stanley, McKenzie Rivers, Saunders Fitzgerald, Christian Bender

Photos by Porfirio Solorzano

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