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Last Request

inspired by Franz Xaver Kroetz’s “Wunschkonzert”

Irondale Center - Brooklyn, NY

Inspired by Franz Xaver Kroetz's ''Request Concert, this silent meditation on cross-cultural loneliness explores the repercussions of isolation in a shared story. 

Directed by Chang Nai Wen, Annie G. Levy, and Vidhu Singh


Set Residency and Consultation: Christin Vahl 

Set Design and Consultation: Pei -Wen Huang 

Costume Design by Amanda Whitfield

Assistant Costume Design: Paihsin Shih

Lighting Design by Niluka Hotaling 

Composition and Sound Design by Erato A. Kremmyda 

Associate Sound Design by John Emmett O’Brien 

Stage Manager: Cayman Mitchell

Assistant Stage Manager: Nancy Herriman

Producer: Tamara Weisz 

Producing Assistant: Ellise Lesser


Cast: Julie Berndt, Aparna Sindhoor and Jenny Tibbels-Jordan

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