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TREE ARMY: The CCC Project

Coming June 2018


“To the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, in speaking to you today, I am thinking of you as a visible token of encouragement to the whole country. Through you, the nation will graduate a fine group of strong, young men, clean-living, trained to self-discipline, and above all, willing and proud to work for the joy of working. That, my friends, must be the new spirit of the American future. And you are the vanguard of that new spirit.”


Franklin D. Roosevelt, Radio Address, July 17, 1933


The Civilian Conservation Corps was the first program of FDR’s New Deal. From 1933 - 1942, the CCC put over 3 million young Americans to work on conservation projects aimed at repairing a broken America.


Combining historical documents, articles, personal letters and journals from the members of what was known as "Roosevelt's Tree Army," TREE ARMY: The CCC Project is a new play that explores the process of rebuilding a country. Through investigating and imagining what members of the Civilian Conservation Corps gained from their experience and how their legacy resonates with a contemporary America, TREE ARMY tells the collective story of a mythic moment in American history, where communities were formed and preserved and the land itself was saved.


TREE ARMY will be performed out of doors in CCC created state parks.

June 1st, 2018 - Tuscaloosa, AL (5:30pm)

June 2nd, 2018 - De Soto State Park, Fort Payne, AL (1pm and 6pm)

June 9th, 2018 - Cheaha State Park,  Delta, AL (1pm and 4pm)


Conceived and Created by Annie G. Levy



Director / Producer  – Annie G. Levy

Dramaturge/Movement – Michael Bradley Cohen

Production Designer – Justin Perkins

Costume Designer - Casey Fogleman

Music Director – Kyle Davis

Stage Manager - Katelyn Worsham

Assistant Director - Katharina Fox



Joseph Arrigo, Amber Bird, LaBorn Brown, Anna Lee Hawkins, Parker Reeves, Alaric

Rohl, Zack Stolz, and Libby Williams




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