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Press Quotes 

"...directed, with dancing energy and drive, by Annie G. Levy, it begins with a gathering storm of voices gossiping ’til overlap turns words to nonsense, and ends in a joyous cast dance; apt metaphors for the vapidity of petty, yet still recognizably sympathetic people. Levy charges into the breach with that opening storm, underlying period-appropriate dress, decor, language and concerns with recognizably modern music." -- Tuscaloosa News, 2019 (SENSE & SENSIBILITY) 


"The witch hunt’s urgency is palpable; Levy and her cast rarely let breaths show through..." -- Tuscaloosa News, 2018 (VINEGAR TOM)


"Levy’s conducted a diverse, coordinated yet highly individualized group, which locks in the idea of a group of villagers -- variously equipped and capable -- building toward collective meaning, yet tugged in as many directions as voices in the show... Today I’m breaking a rule, and saying flat out: This show is long and difficult; preparation, not warning. Anyone intrigued by something new, or something old done anew, by art as quest and question, not a lullaby before sleep or complement to the furniture, should grasp it. This requests, requires and rewards attention. Open up."

-- Tuscaloosa News, 2017 (THE CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE)

"... Annie G. Levy’s version... is finely yar. Yar’s an old sailing term -- not to be confused with the piratical groan -- helpfully defined in the script: “It means, uh, easy to handle, quick to the helm, fast, right." -- Tuscaloosa News, 2017 (THE PHILADELPHIA STORY)

"Shafner presents these problems and ideas for change in an authentic and genuine way. Beyond the theatrics, which are cleverly tied together by director Annie G. Levy and her team, there is a real sincerity, truth, and belief shared by Shafner that we are all part of the solution." -- nytheaternow, 2015 (AN INCONVENIENT POOP)


"Anyone who enjoys a bit of kitsch with their kitchens will eat up this stage version of Daliya Karnofsky’s YouTube baking series of the same title....a sweet live show, directed by Annie G. Levy." -- Time Out New York, 2014 (AND SHE BAKES, LIVE.)


“Under the direction of Annie Levy, the staged “Jewbird” employs an appropriately scruffy puppet designed by Hunter Kaczorowski and the bird itself is given edgy voice and movement by Jon Adam Ross, clad like the unkempt bird all in black, including a soiled overcoat. So far, so good.”  -- New York Times, 2009 (THE JEWBIRD)


“The favorite was the irresistible “Jewbird,” based on a Bernard Malamud story. It is kind of modern fable, but remarkably truthful... Charming and comic though it is, “Jewbird” provides food for thought.” -- Irene Backalenick, 2009 (THE JEWBIRD)


“Guided by director Annie Levy's sensitive touch, [the actors] effortlessly glide through a blend of styles and technical challenges.” -- Nick Awde, The Stage, Edinburgh, 2002 (LOOKING UP)


“Five of the best shows in town… Looking Up, directed by Annie Levy” -- Daily Mail, Edinburgh, 2002 (LOOKING UP)


“…to the credit of director Annie Levy [the] play… delivers moments of intense power and beauty.” -- Andrea Somberg,, 2002 (GOMORRAH)

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